You are not the one who should be ashamed!

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It is only through education on what sexual harassment is and how to prevent it and how to report it that will begin to make it stop. That is one of the purposes of this website. After all, when a person is sexually harassed, does the harasser ever wonder how his treatment of the victim would feel if the victim was his mother, wife, sister, aunt, niece or other female relative?

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Filing your case with the EEOC, the OCRC, or in state or federal court is sometimes the only way to wake up the company and the harasser. Making them pay for their terrible acts, making them pay for their lack of attention to prevention should have two distinct results: (1) paying you the compensation you deserve for your injuries and (2) making that harasser stop his harassment of other women in the future and encouraging companies to institute Zero Tolerance procedures to end sexual harassment at their company.

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It would be naive to believe that sexual harassment can be ended over-night or even during our lifetimes. But Educating and Litigating will help prevent and eradicate just some of the terrible demeaning things harassers do to their victims. It is time to create a movement on social media and elsewhere to end sexual harassment now. This website is just a small part of that movement and is just one of its purposes.

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It's time to stop
the harassment

You're not the one
who should be ashamed

All the shame belongs with the harasser, not you. So long as you complained and made it clear that the sexual harassment was unwelcome, it is not you that should be ashamed, it is the harasser. The harasser needs to have the spotlight shined on him by placing him before the OCRC, the EEOC and/or a JURY. He is the one that should be embarrassed.

if something is wrong, say something! If there is a reporting mechanism for sexual harassment complaints, USE IT. Or, have us draft a letter for you that you will send CERTIFIED MAIL to prove you complained.

It's time to stop the harassment!

You're Not

help the next person who might avoid what you have experienced.

EEOC statistics for Ohio charges based on sex from fiscal year 2009 through fiscal year 2014 reveal that during that time period 5,232 charges based on sex were filed with the EEOC.

EEOC statistics for the number of sexual harassment charges filed throughout the United States from fiscal year 2009 through fiscal year 2014 reveal that during that time period 37,442 sexual harassment charges were filed with the EEOC.